About us


SZ Water Treatment System GmbH is a young, innovative company in the field of water treatment and heat transfer fluid.

Our core field is the treatment and reuse of industrial waste water. Each year, countless billions of litres of waste water are produced worldwide in industry alone, among other things from cooling, manufacturing, cleaning and irrigation, and then discharged into rivers, seas and canals. With the aid of new, cutting-edge technologies, we work with select partners in projects around the globe to treat critical, industrial waste water and feed this back into processes to be reused. In doing so, we are able to save billions of litres of drinking water worldwide.

Our portfolio includes the latest generation of water treatment systems and products to treat limescale, corrosion, organic and inorganic problems, which are employed successfully both in homes and in industry.

In addition to consulting, we offer you all services from one source, from our own water analyses, field tests on-site, and planning in CAD and switching technology, through to assembly and installation.

Due to increasing demand and the rapid growth of the world population, drinking water is the most important resource on Earth!

A further area of expertise for our company is, in partnership with Rowe Mineralölwerk GmbH, the manufacture of highly developed heat transfer fluids for heat pumps, solar panels, vacuum tubes and cooling systems.

Here, we have managed to achieve a milestone when it comes to corrosion and cavitation protection, regardless of the materials.

With more than 20,000 pallet bays and approval for an annual capacity of 180 million litres, we offer a high level of availability for these SZ products.