Consulting and optimisation


Our services offer companies of all sizes, public institutions, and private households a point of contact for matters relating to water treatment.

Optimisations in your water system can bring with them many positive effects and benefits due to water savings.


An example from industry:

Water savings of up to 65% were achieved in practice in an open cooling tower cycle.

How? Using a specially developed technique, a drastic reduction in clarification water was achieved and the majority of the cleaned waste water was fed back into the recirculation process.

This resulted in high cost and water savings and a significant increase in the operational sustainability process:

  • Significant savings of CO2 emissions due to less freight (HGVs, freight transport, air and sea freight)
  • High savings in costs for waste water and additional water
  • Boost in operational sustainability
  • Competitive advantage
  • Significant improvement with regard to image and environmental protection


Water moves around the Earth in a cycle and virtually never occurs in its pure form H2O.

The basis of all consulting is an extensive water analysis in order to find out in what concentration a material is present. This allows possible solutions to be identified quickly, according to which we adapt or optimise every system for you specifically to suit the respective requirements.

At the present time, it is necessary to quickly and flexibly adapt oneself to the changing market, the regulations and laws.

A comprehensive plant system is often of great benefit with regard to the value creation chain.

Components from water treatment that offer no added value in the production chain should be eliminated as quickly as possible.