was developed in state-of-the-art laboratories with experts from physics and chemistry, as well as engineers from various sectors of industry in Germany. The result is a unique, adaptable expert solution for applications where other systems give up.




was developed to resolve highly critical water and waste water problems. Compact, environmentally-friendly, adaptable, reliable and cost-optimised. Solving problems around the world where others reach their limits.

SZ 4D REACT – most effective treatment processes

The variety of organic impurities represents a constantly growing problem that cannot be resolved with standard methods. High volume discharges of synthetic, organic compounds (e.g. industrial dyes and pharmaceutical compounds) are very difficult to destroy.


To fulfil the requirements, we have developed a range of advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) that destroy the organic molecules catalytically based on the technologies.


Equipped with a variety of self-developed SZ technologies, we can offer an extremely broad range of solutions for various water treatment problems.



Areas of application

Project - Process flow

your problem

Pilot Test

final system installation

Performance Analyse

Pipe water analysis

  • customer analysis
  • expert advice
  • Performance Analysis
  • indiv. adapt to the requirements
  • static modeling for risk analysis (industrial processes)
  • Final cost calculation
  • Compared to your existing system
  • datalogging
  • Online process monitoring
  • automatic problem detection
  • performance Statistics
  • Troubleshooting
  • Simulation on request

Benefits customers and environment

  • Positive effect on the value creation chain for the operational process
  • Significant savings of CO2 emissions due to less freight
  • High savings in costs for waste water and additional water
  • Boost in operational sustainability
  • Competitive advantage
  • Significant improvement in image through active environmental protection


"But the best is the water."


- Pindar, Olympic Oden