WiV® - Wasser in Vollendung

(water at its very best)


This contemporary, sophisticated product range arose through the active

compilation of customer requests, the experience and opinions of select

expert sanitation companies, and institutions with long-standing expertise

in the field of drinking water hygiene.





One system, many possibilities

You can individually equip the basic stainless steel bodies with various modules at any time to suit your requirements.

The WiV® product range is exclusively offered via trained partner companies on site.


  • Salt-free
  • Electricity-free
  • Waste water-free and maintenance-friendly
  • Measurable results
Kalk- und Korrosionsstabilisierung Tiefenwasserbehandlung in Kombination mit einer Kalkstabilisierung

The product range consists of the central

home connection systems WiV® natura and WiV® cosmos.


WIV natura

Extensive limescale and corrosion stabilisation. The central drinking water treatment

for single- or multi-family homes (old and new installation).

No substances are either added to or removed from the drinking water.

The minerals (calcium and magnesium) are both retained completely.


WIV cosmos

Central deep water treatment in combination with limescale stabilisation,

ideal for use in single-family homes with an installation in mint condition

(without encrustations).

The three coconut long candles used absorb unwanted materials from domestic water

(Depending on the micron rating, the following substances that may be present in the water can be removed: asbestos fibres, chlorine, harmful organic substances, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, hormone residues, odorous substances, heavy metals, discolorations, residues of medications, etc.)


Powerful, specially selected water stones in quartz glass columns.

Before use, the gemstones can be checked at any time with various



The perception of the taste of the water at the respective home can thus also be changed. The gemstones have an unlimited service life.

Wassersteine, Quarzglassäulen

Technical data


Modul Natura

Modul Cosmos

Water installation

Volume flow

Volume flow

Volume capacity

Micron rating

Pressure reduction

Connecting thread

Operating pressure

Water temperature


Single-family home

Old and new installation

Max. 35l/min*

Approx. 500 m3*


Approx. 0.3 bar*


Single-family home

Installation in mint condition (without encrustations)

Max. 30l/min* (new long candles)

Approx. 300 m3*

Long candles 5µm

Approx. 0.9 bar* (new long candles)

1 inch connecting thread

Min. 3 bar – max. 7 bar

5 – 23 °C

After approx. 3 – max. 5 years*

* The stated performance is dependent on the respective water quality and the local water pressure. The service life can vary with different water qualities. For a max. service life/freedom from maintenance of up to 5 years, we recommend installing the 20 µm home water station (sold separately) or, in the event of elevated metal values, the pre-filter system TFM.


„There is no life without water.

It is a treasure indispensable to

all human activity.“