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Local and district heating network providers as well as public companies strive to ensure continuous supply reliability for their customers, often with extensive efforts. Our SZ Super-concentrate ECO 2 not only gives your systems and facilities operating reliability, it also saves you maintenance due to corrosion, which often goes hand in hand with high repair costs.

Public company / municipality

Do you market everything in the areas of plumbing, heating, & air-conditioning technology? Our SZ Super-concentrate ECO 2 is an outstanding and patented product and a quality enhancement to your product range. It will serve your customers optimally and reliably. With the add-on product, you ensure that trade businesses and private end-consumers have quick access and will be accepted into the list of certified dealers.

Dealer / commercial customer

As a plumbing-heating-air-conditioning company or with a background in trades, you give your employees and customers a secure feeling. Minimising breakdown risks, saving maintenance costs caused by complaints, and secure and efficient systems, are just a few of the advantages of SZ Super-concentrate ECO 2.

Plumbing-heating-air-conditioning business / trade

Do you expect heating that functions and runs smoothly? Reliably prevent damages and sediment accumulation in your private heating system with SZ Super-concentrate ECO 2. Say goodbye to heat loss and the high energy costs that go with it. Count on the quality of patented SZ Super-concentrate ECO 2 and prevent repair or replacement costs of your heating elements due to corrosion.

Private end-consumer

In winter, and especially on particularly cold days, functioning heating is all that matters. Warm heating has become as normal as the water that comes out of the kitchen faucet when turned on. However, inconveniently having to turn up the heat to the highest level and the resulting high energy costs are the flip side to the pleasant warmth.

If our heating elements don't provide uniform heat or only start up at level 5, we don't really worry about it and above all, we don't do anything about it. This means that the heating-up period has become a circumstance that almost every household in Germany has become accustomed to –putting away monthly savings for additional energy payments, and those who are a bit skilled vent their heating system once a year.

However, the cause of the deficient heating capacity often lies in the heating element itself, or in the water that is inside it, thus venting only provides short-term success. It is the corrosion that affects the metal parts through constant contact with demineralised water or tap water, corroding the parts and leading to deposits and long-term, irreparable damages.

The first signs are recognisable when the heating system is vented, and an unpleasant smell or black-coloured heating water leaks out. In this case, we refer to an accumulation of sediment: deposits that prevent heating in certain sectors and that continue to spread inside the heating elements. In addition to increasing energy costs, expensive cleaning or a complete replacement of the heating elements is usually the consequence of ignoring the symptoms.

Protect your
Heating system

1But that doesn't have to happen! The patented product SZ Super-concentrate ECO 2 prevents further accumulation of limestone, damage caused by corrosion, and also increases the efficiency of your system - easily and conveniently.

2SZ Super-concentrate ECO 2 is a product developed based on the latest OAT - Organic Additive Technology - from the automotive sector. Not only does it provide long-lasting and reliable corrosion protection in water-based heating systems, it is also used in geothermal energy as well as in local and district heating networks.

SZ Super-concentrate ECO 2 is used in apartment buildings, public buildings - such as schools, gymnasiums, hotels, event / trade fair premises, as well as industrial facilities.

The operating principle is easy and expedient: when SZ Super-concentrate ECO 2 is mixed with the tap or fully softened water, the concentrate lays like a protective film between the heating element parts and the heat transfer fluid, which usually consists of water.

This always present protective film prevents the corrosion of individual metal parts and compounds, as well as the accumulation of dirt and metal particles. Surfaces that have already been degraded and the already existing corrosion process is stopped.

SZ Super-concentrate ECO 2 — 1 Liter

SZ Super-concentrate ECO 2 — 5 Liter

Cost-savings and a guarantee of up to 5 years.

An attractive side effect of a corrosion-free system - thanks to SZ Super-concentrate ECO 2 - is saving an enormous amount of energy and a longer service life of expensive system components. This not only lowers maintenance and repair costs for large and small customers, it also prevents countless complaint claims that arise due to corrosion issues.

In addition to protection right from the beginning onwards, anyone wishing to change their system or even replace their heating will enjoy a guarantee of up to 5 years, by observing further specifications and filling their new heating system with SZ Super-concentrate ECO 2.

Advantages of the SZ Super-concentrate ECO 2

Already used by energy providers

Energy-provider EWR AG in Worms calls this new product on the market "a solution for heating system corrosion-problems". Over 82,000 litres of water flow through the heating station of the "Liebenau Field" section. Countless types of metal are used there and there are complaints about corrosion problems everywhere. With the field test that started in 2018, and numerous laboratory tests, it was quickly evident that the product is an innovation on the market.

Reliable corrosion inhibition and increased system efficiency are the energy provider's initial results. Energy costs in the high 4-digit range were already achieved in the first quarter of 2019 – thanks to application of the new SZ Super-concentrate ECO 2.

Other regional and national companies have also become aware of the new product from SZ Water Treatment Systems GmbH.

Questions and answers - Frequently asked questions

What is the concentration that SZ Super-concentrate ECO 2 should be dosed at?

A concentration of 3% is generally sufficient. In individual cases, depending on the system's age and corrosion-progression, a 5% addition might be necessary.

Are there any risks when filling with SZ Super-concentrate ECO 2 with regard to VDI Norm 2035, which prescribes that only demineralised or completely softened water be filled in warm water systems and heating systems?

Filling in accordance with Norm VDI 2035 in particular led to extensive damages due to corrosion for our biggest client. This is, among other things, due to the fact that these days, a material mix has been or is installed with special corrosion-protection requirements. In addition, a heating system can rarely be built to be oxygen diffusion tight, which however in the theory of the VDI norm must be the case, but in reality is very difficult to execute. That's why in the long-term, oxygen ingress occurs, which starts corrosion. Our product is tolerated by any type of metal, composite material and elastomers, while also preventing limescale. Even oxygen inside the system does not effect the functionality of our product. Corrosion doesn't stand a chance.

The exact fill quantity of the system is unfortunately unknown. Does that mean that when replacing the liquid in an existing system the entirety of the water has to be emptied out?

An indication of the approximate fill quantity is initially sufficient, since SZ Super-concentrate ECO 2 stops corrosion and scaling even when used at a low concentration. As soon as the concentrate is added based on the approximate fill quantity, a water sample is taken to measure the concentration. If the concentration of the additive is too low, more is correspondingly added. This saves you from the risks and effort involved in emptying the system completely, which is definitely not necessary.

Why wouldn't it be enough to simply adjust the pH-value with a low salt "operation"?

Our experience shows that unfortunately, a simple adjustment of the pH-value is not always sufficient. The pH-value as well as the conductivity value are important components, but definitely not decisive factors when it comes to corrosion. For instance, the conductivity value of a liquid can be 10,000μS and NOT have a corrosive effect on metals, if the water chemistry is observed accordingly.

When a system is given a new filling with SZ Super-concentrate ECO 2, you provide a guarantee of up to 5 years. How exactly does that work?

When a new heating system is completely filled by a plumbing-heating-air-conditioning specialist certified by us, then under certain conditions there is a guarantee of up to five years. In addition, an initial water sample after refilling must verify that the required concentration was adhered to. Subsequently, an annual water sample is performed to check whether the parameters in the system are still correct or whether they need to be readjusted. The guarantee is only certain when all of the parameters have been adhered to in accordance with our specifications.

How is the liquid in the system disposed of, e.g. when drained?

With regard to the additive, with a concentration of 3% of the Super-concentrate in water there are no particular disposal instructions and no water hazard classification. It can simply be disposed of via the sewer system.

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